EU investments

ASPI takes advantage of EU Funds


“Using ICT technology in ASPI Sp. z o. o. by full integration of business processes and introducing an innovative electronic service” no. WND-RPPD.01.04.01-20-098/12 as a part of contract no. UDA-RPPD.01.04.01-20-098/12-00 of 22.04.2013.

Offer 1Purchase of special ERP software complete with configuration
Offer 1APurchase of special ERP software complete with configuration
Offer 2Purchase of CAD/CAM software, SpaceExplorer controller and SpacePilot PRO controllers
Offer 3 Purchase of a CAD/CAM workstation
Offer 4Purchase of server


Increasing the level of innovativeness of the company ASPI sp. z o.o. by means of modern solutions in the manufacturing process planned for the introduction of new products as a part of contract no. UDA-RPPD.01.04.01-20-031/11 of 27.01.2012.

Offer 1Purchase of an automatic straightening and stretching device for circular saws PSR-1200
Offer 2Purchase of a levelling machine
Offer 3Purchase of a laser marking device
Offer 4Purchase of an automatic socket cutting device
Offer 5Purchase of a compressor
Offer 6 Purchase of a forklift
Offer 7Purchase of an automatic device for inserting tooth
Offer 8Purchase of a sharpening centre


“Increase in attractiveness and competitiveness of the Company ASPI Sp. z o.o. by investing in new technology” no. WD-RPPD 01.04.01-20-074/08 as a part of contract no. UDA-RPPD.01.04.01-20-074/08-00 of 01.07.2009

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